What is patient advocacy?

We are professional experienced nurses that work as a liaison between our client and their healthcare providers, to educate the client.

Who We Are

We are a team of Registered Nurses collectively with over 50 years nursing experience.

We advocate for our clients and their family members by providing education and the necessary tools needed to assist them in making an educated, informed decision about their healthcare options.

Helping Hands Patient Advocacy Group, LLC empowers our clients with Knowledge of their illnesses and treatment to make informed decisions.

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Our focus

Short term services to provide education and resources so that our clients are able to communicate their needs and make informed choices. You will feel empowered and in control of managing your health and ultimately become your own advocate.

Practice Areas


As your RN patient advocates we work on your behalf to promote your best interest and the interest of your family members. Healthcare issues and decisions can be overwhelming. We do the leg work and alleviate some of your stress, while enabling you to participate in your own care with our expert guidance.

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Our 50 years of combined experience in the nursing field allows us to expertly utilize the healthcare system with a targeted approach. We assist you in problem-solving and identifying the best solutions in a timely and affordable manner.

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We ensure that you have the right education and support that you need to make important healthcare decisions that respect your needs and preferences. A health advocate’s experience gives you the best access to resources, information and advice.

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Healthcare systems are complicated. We know our way around, saving you a lot of time and distress. With our broad range of healthcare advocacy services, you will always be in safe hands.

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A second opinion

Getting a good second, and if necessary, third opinion is vital to the right diagnosis and successful treatment plan. Helping Hands understands that time is of the essence when the diagnosis is serious.We arrange group consultations and speedy appointments whenever possible.

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We Are Experienced

Our years of experience and fundamental approach promotes healthy living while delivering results, and improving access to the most advanced levels of care possible. As a result, clients benefit from reduced healthcare costs, faster recovery, and an enhanced quality of life.

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The most advantageous patient care with a range of treatment options.

The RN patient advocacy process does not strictly follow the health insurance model. Rather, it includes the health insurance model and it goes beyond it in scope. The RN Patient Advocate Model is unique in its inclusion of both Allopathic, Functional and Integrative Medicine Modalities presented to patients as possible treatment options. The model represents the most inclusive range of services available.

  • Individualized advocacy with all health care providers
  • Health and wellness teaching to improve health literacy
  • Research and presentation of the full range of treatment options
  • Facilitation of develop the optimal healthcare team that best fulfills the treatment option selected by the informed client/family member.
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